Monday, November 20, 2006

Three Hats in the Ring

City Councillor Al Alves lost his designation as the only 'declared' candidate for mayor this weekend.

City Councillor Brad Kilby announced Friday evening of his intentions to run for the city's top spot in a story that was in Saturday's Herald News. On Sunday State Representative David Sullivan officially announced that he would be running to be Fall River's next mayor.

In an amusing aside, WSAR's Keri Rodrigues took Kilby to task on her blog for excluding WSAR from his official announcement. Whether or not this because she feels Kilby 'snubbed' the radio station or just because she's aggravated at being scooped isn't clear but I find her ire amusing because on Friday she 'scooped' the Herald News by 'officially' announcing on her blog Dave Sullivan's official announcement!

Kilby and Alves are both current members of the City Council. Kilby previously served on the School Committee. Before becoming State Representative Dave Sullivan also served on the Fall River City Council.

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