Monday, November 13, 2006

Man Gets Sick From Eating at Taco Bell!

Phillip Daggett says he suffered from numbness to the mouth and stomach cramps after eating at the Taco Bell on Mariano Bishop Blvd.

He says that after getting sick he noticed a white power in another taco that he had purchased and went to the hospital where he claims he tested positive for opiates, or according to another news source, possibly cocaine.

So the question is did someone drug his taco or is this another 'finger in the chili'?

I'm not going to make any assumptions but when it comes to getting a bite to eat I think I'm going to stick to what's in my fridge.


MB & Co. said...

Hi -- The name of your blog compels me to send you the following You Tube link -->

...if you haven't seen it already.

Dr. Momentum said...

Hey, Keri plugged your blog on the air today.

Roger Williams said...
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Roger Williams said...

Incidentally, allow me to wax Bentsenesque for a moment:

"Ron, I've been to Taco Bell. I know Taco Bell. Taco Bell has been a friend of mine on many drunken occasions. Ronald, a taco filled with coke is no Taco Bell!"

Lefty said...

I actually was listening when she mentioned it and yours too!

I almost blogged about it!