Friday, November 03, 2006

Gubernatorial Debate at UMass Dartmouth

The candidates for Governor, Kerry Healy, Deval Patrick, Christy Mishos, and Grace Ross met for their final debate at UMass Dartmouth, a debate I was able to catch on 1480 WSAR.

I won't attempt to recap the debate, which was sponsored by the SouthCoast Alliance, but the questions focused on the needs and concerns of the SouthCoast and really there were few, if any surprises. All four candidates said they supported commuter rail for the area, all opposed the Weaver's Cover LNG facility. They all supported a new Rt. 24 interchange, and pledged to work to improve over stringent fishing regulations.

In short, the candidates gushed about how they believe in and support the SouthCoast. For an area that has long considered itself ignored by the powers that be on Beacon Hill the praise and promises were heady, but only time will tell if any of this becomes a reality.

It's easy to see why Deval Patrick is the front runner, his exudes polished confidence and optimism, but to be fair I thought Kerry Healy had a better understanding of the issues debated, Of all the candidates responses hers seemed the most realistic. Christy Mihos may have been the most entertaining, he joked with the other candidates and seemed to be the most personable, but through the lightheartedness he stressed that municipalities need to be properly funded so they can direct funds to the areas where they need it most. But it was Grace Ross who I think constantly had the most well thought out, articulate, and poignant answers of the forum. I don't believe all of her answers were realistic or practical and there were several I just flat out disagreed with, but overall I found myself impressed by Green-Rainbow party candidate.

So who won? Grace Ross had the least to lose and impressed me the most, but I think the real winner was the SouthCoast Alliance for putting together this forum and allowing us to hear these candidates and their views on some of regional issues that effect us the most.

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Roger Williams said...

I heard Deval Patrick's acceptance speech on WBUR. I think it would have only been fair to warn listeners that the speech exceeded the recommended daily allowance of bromides and platitudes deemed safe by the FDA, but that's public radio for you.

Frankly, his whole speech - indeed his whole campaign - reminds me of