Friday, November 17, 2006

'Finger in the Chili'

Phillip Daggett, the man who claimed he got sick after eating a taco laced with drugs apparently made a similar claim after eating at a Fall River McDonald's three years ago according to a story reported by the Standard Times.

The story which was extremely suspect to begin with would seem to have NO credibility now.

Mr. Daggett told the Standard Times that he didn't plan on suing Taco Bell, but Taco Bell made it clear that if the claim turned out to be"false" or "fraudulent", that they would seek prosecution "to the fullest extent of the law".

It looks like if Mr. Daggett made this story up he could end up suffering from more than the usual type of 'heartburn' associated with Taco Bell.

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Roger Williams said...

Ho ho ho! YES! That is correct, sir!