Sunday, October 29, 2006

Thoughts on the Governor's Race

With the election less than two weeks away I am not only wondering who to vote for but how to even make a decision!

For me the problem is that I believe that you should vote for the person, not the party. I want to vote for who I feel best represents my views and beliefs. I want to vote for someone who I feel will lead the state, who has vision. I want to know what a candidate stands for. I want them to explain their positions so I can understand.

Instead I see negative ads and soundbite-politics. Where are the facts, explanations?, and analysis? How come in the "information age" I can't get any information!?

For me, the choice is between Kerry Healy and Christy Mihos.

It's not that I dismiss the other two out of hand, Grace Ross has impressed me from what I've seen of the debates or from reading in press coverage and Deval Patrick carries himself very well, has several platform issues I agree with, (and some I don't like his stance on immigration) but overall I find myself more inline with Healy and Mihos.

I've read Kerry Healy's 50 point plan on her campaign website. It's good, and I agree with a lot of it but have doubts about how much she could get implemented and what the costs would be. Likewise I'm intrigued by Mihos' proposition One, but have the same questions about whether he could get it implemented and what the long term costs might be.

Mihos is more moderate than Healy, and I find myself much more in agreement with his stances on the tax rollback, the value of the MCAS test and property tax. Still the big issue I have with Mihos is as an Independent he will a tough time getting support by people who feel they need to vote for one of the 2-party candidates. In short he won't get votes because people feel he can't win. In fact I know several people who have told me that they don't like Healy and PREFER Mihos but fear "a vote for Mihos is a vote for Patrick."

My problem with voting for Kerry Healy, is aside from her 50 point plan she has run and aggressive and negative campaign. Too often she is telling me why I shouldn't vote for Deval Patrick instead of telling me why I should vote for Kerry Healy! This is a big point for me because as I've already stated I'm not considering voting for Patrick. She has also called time and time again to debate JUST Deval Patrick, something that infuriates me because if all 4 candidates are on the ballot, I have a right to hear all of them in any debate. Kerry Healy has been our Lt. Governor for the last 4 years, during a period time where the state weathered a tough economic climate on the backs of city's and towns, will things improve if she's Governor?

When it comes to the issues, their plans, and the future of the state, there are more questions than answers but sometimes I think you have to put aside the party politics and vote for the person you feel deserves to win.

For me, I think that's Christy Mihos.

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