Sunday, October 08, 2006

Camera, key, chain...

Have problems with blurry photos when taking photos in low light situations? Don't have or don't want to carry around a tripod or monopod? Dr. Momentum, a Fall River area blogger may have the answer for you, a chainpod!

I'm really intrigued with this little do-it-yourself gizmo and hope I can blog about using one soon! Read more about a chainpod here and here.

If you don't take pictures or if your camera has image stabilization check out the Aces Full of Links blog anyway. It's pretty broad in scope, offers something for everyone and is a pretty good read.


Dr. Momentum said...

I've got you subscribed in Bloglines. Thanks for the plug. That chainpod looked pretty darn clever to me, too. I wish I'd thouight of it.

I'm no photographer beyond some amateurish digital dabbling, but I'm pretty sure I'm making a trip to the hardware store tomorrow to buy some chain.


Lefty said...

You are totally welcome for the plug and thanks for adding me to your Bloglines.

I actually just commented on your blog for the 1st time - for some reason I can't do it from work(?)and never thought to try from home.

Anyway, I've read your blog, and seen your pictures on Flickr, bumped into your comments on Keri's blogs and know that your into geocaching - I'm amazed your able to squeeze all that in. I can't seem to get ANYTHING done, my blog, the kids, etc always seem to have to be squeezed put me to shame!