Sunday, September 17, 2006

No Re-Morse

Former talk show host and current U.S. Representative candidate, Chuck Morse is appealing to voters to include him, as a write-in candidate, on their primary ballot this Tuesday.

Morse needs to receive 2000 write-in votes in order to get on the November ballot. If successful the Republican would face off against incumbent Barney Frank for his house seat. Morse challenged Frank in the 2004 election but was easily beaten by the veteran Democrat.

The question is how does Morse find himself in the position of needing to plead for write in votes? He says he failed to get the petition signatures when needed because as the author of "The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorists" he was in Israel as a guest speaker.

So let me get this straight, Chuck Morse wants to be a U.S. Representative and instead of getting the signatures needed to be on the ballot he's in Israel for a book signing, um, a "guest speaker"?

Give me a break. He's says the trip to Israel was a big honor, but that it took a lot of energy and "waylaid" his signature effort. Doesn't this guy have a campaign manager or some friends or something that could have worked on getting those signatures? Couldn't the Massachusetts Republican Party have taken up the effort for him? Is the Morse campaign even to be taken seriously?

I fully support, embrace, and believe in having political choice but the fact the Morse finds himself needing write-in votes to secure a spot on the November ballot is both a testament to the poor performance of the Massachusetts GOP and his own lackluster campaign.


Roger Williams said...

I have to concur here. While Barney Frank's re-election is a given, it would appear that Morse's "candidacy" is a complete fiasco. Then again, why go into debt making a serious run for congress when the only question is how many percentage points he'll lose by?

Dr. Momentum said...

Why run at all? I guess the attention.

His campaign is a joke. Imagine the disaster if somehow he got in. What votes would he miss while he was in The Dominion of Melchizedek as a guest speaker on his book tour?