Thursday, June 29, 2006

Please Refrain From Talking During the Show

Several weeks back I commented that the Capital Theater was for sale, or to be more precise the building that housed the Capitol was for sale.

Since the theater closed in the late 1950's, the building has been used for office space, a bowling alley and most recently it was the home of the Sonho do Lar furniture store.

Although Mayor Lambert has long been in favor of seeing the Capitol restored he stated when the building came up for sale that the city would only consider purchasing it if it made financial sense.

It seemed as if fate would decide if the theater would ever be restored of if it would finally give way to renovation as office space or perhaps face the wrecking ball.

It seems the Capitol was about to be lost forever when Donna and Greg Viveiros looked into purchasing the property. Their intentions were to use the building as warehouse and office space, then they learned about the theater hidden behind the Sonho do Lar storefront.

Now the Viveiros' plan on restoring the Capitol to its former glory, but will need the help of the city and the community at large.

Here's hoping that after a 50 year absence that the Capitol Theater has a successful return to the downtown scene.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Surfing Without a Net

Verizon DSL sucks.

Really what else can I say? Okay, maybe that's not a fair statement but MY experience has been anything but great. I've dealt with no service, lousy connection speed, less than stellar support and STILL continue to use it.


Well because my other options are dial up service or a cable modem. Dial up is just not practical, the reasons I switched were for quicker speeds (HA!) and so the phone line wasn't tied up. Cable modem? It's fast and available but I can't justify the cost. So that's left me with DSL.

Or has it?

A local company Meganet offers Megabroadband a wireless modem that uses a nirvani rip wave modem.

I'm intrigued!

Actually I've known about this for several months but the service was unavailable in my neck of the woods, that has since changed.

The catch with this service is signal strength. The better your signal strength the happier you'll be with the service. Those who live near leafy trees or in low lying areas, or near lots of steel framed buildings may find it difficult to obtain a strong signal.

However, after a friend of mine complained that Verizon wasn't excepting new customers for their DSL service I mentioned Megabroadband and he signed up, and although his computer is in the worst possible location, in a low lying area he is still enjoying speeds far faster than dial up and far faster than I am enjoying with my DSL package.

In the near future I'm going to borrow his modem and see what type of signal strength I receive near my computer. If all goes well I'll be signing up.