Monday, May 15, 2006

Have you seen this man?

The answer is probably no. That's because he is Senator Craig Thomas of Wyoming ( approx. 2000 miles away from all of us here in Fall River!), and even though I don't believe he's ever set foot in Fall River he's trying to play a role in our future.

Senator Thomas (of Wyoming!) has introduced legislation that would undue the legislation introduced by Representative Jim McGovern to keep federal money from being used to destroy the Brightman Street Bridge. Of course McGovern's legislation and the bridge are thorns in the side of Hess LNG and their proposed LNG facility. Although Hess LNG says they will move forward with their plans even with the old bridge in place the good Senator (from Wyoming), in an effort to "improve the energy outlook in the nation" has decided the bridge has got to go.

This really deserves a big WOOHOO for Craig.

Someone needs to explain to Senator Thomas that we here in Fall River would also like to see an improved energy outlook for the nation, we just expect a little common sense when it comes to siteing facilities like this.

Obviously this is just the next chess move between the supporters of the Weaver's Cove site and those opposed to it and I'm pretty sure are local congressional delegation will defeat this. Still, this is the second time a Republican senator has tried to undue McGovern's provision and it's getting a little annoying. Let's be straight on this, we don't think this belongs in Fall River, we have the support of our state reps and senator, we have the support of our U.S. reps and senators, heck we even our Republican governor agrees that this doesn't belong in Fall River.

The thing that annoys me the most is I don't think Senator Thomas took two seconds to find out why a working class community in Massachusetts is against having an LNG facility rammed down their throats. I mean, come on, he the senator of WYOMING, population 500,000! He can't be that busy! If his actions were really motivated by a concern for the nation's 'energy outlook' shouldn't he have talked to Representative Jim McGovern, or fellow Senator John Kerry to try to understand what motivates us?

If Senator Thomas had taken the time to talk to McGovern, Kerry or Kennedy, if he had had staffers talk to Governor Romney or Mayor Lambert, if he has sent staffers down here to learn things first hand and STILL decided to take the actions he took at least I might be give him the benefit of the doubt and believe his decision wasn't just motivated by politics.

Since I've started writing this Mayor Lambert has extended an invitation to Senator Thomas to come and see things first hand. Here is a chance for the good senator to gain a little credibility and respect, a chance for him to see with his own eyes the lives he may affect.

It's more than doubtful that Thomas will accept this invitation but in case I'm wrong, please take a good look at the picture up above and let me know if you've seen this man.


Roger Williams said...

What's good for natural gas is good for Wyoming, whether or not it's good for Fall River. Say what you will about him, but he's got his constituents interests in mind, not Fall River's.

Now it's up to Kerry and Kennedy to offer him a rebuttal, but don't hold your breath. They'll be in favor of dumping the LNG terminal in Fall River just to avoid having it on Cape Cod (where it might actually make more sense).

Keri said...

In addition to being a moron, the guy is also a coward. A very sad situation.

And this is more about lobbying in Washington than his constituents in Wyoming.