Friday, April 28, 2006

Just a few highlights from this past week!

Senator Kerry visits Fall River
The junior senator made a brief stop both at the Iwo Jima monument and at an anti-LNG rally that took place just outside of the Weaver's Cove site.

I really can't say much about this visit. Kerry came, he commented, he left.

Kerry was instrumental in securing funds used for the Iwo Jima memorial and spoke a few fitting words to some assembled veterans and later he spoke to a few hundred people assembled at the anti-LNG rally where he again spoke a few fitting words.

It's not that I don't appreciate Senator Kerry coming down to Fall River to show his support, it's just I'm not wowed by it either.

I mean he stops in the park and says 'nice monument' and then goes over to the rally and says pretty much what everyone else has said, 'this doesn't belong in Fall River'. He did say the LNG plan would be defeated and my first reaction on hearing that was 'well, here is a man who certainly KNOWS defeat', so I felt pretty good that LNG would NEVER happen in Fall River, but then I heard he said we would win this fight, and my reaction was, well we all know what happened the last time Kerry claimed victory.

Anthony Cordeiro will no longer support mayor
Cordeiro who has been a key fundraiser for Ed Lambert stated that he had lost faith in the Mayor's vision for the city and lost confidence in ability as a leader. He also resigned from his position as President of the Fall River Office of Economic Development. Cordeiro who owns and has developed multiple properties in the city admitted that the situation with the old police station played a role in his decision.

I've touched on the police station situation in the past, basically the city put the property out for bid in a process that would award it not to the highest bidder but to the party with the best proposal. Cordeiro was awarded the bid but when some minor issues turned up with the city's process the Mayor asked for the process to be restarted. Cordeiro feels wronged and isn't going to submit a new bid.

So this boils down to the Mayor is being accused of trying to have too much control by someone who has an ax to grind. Sorry Anthony, it's not that Ed Lambert hasn't been accused of this before, but it's hard to take any of these comments considering the whole police station matter.

What's a shame is that the first time around there were only two bidders and Cordeiro, in my opinion, submitted the best, most realistic proposal. His unwillingness to submit a new bid could be a real loss for the city.

It will be interesting to see what Cordeiro break from the Mayor will mean in the next election. Will his fundraising ability be enough to put another candidate, say George Jacome, over the top?

Peralta Arrested!
After more than 2 months on the run, Angel "Shorty" Peralta was arrested in Providence Rhode Island. Peralta, you'll remember, is the idiot who shot 3 people at a local McDonald's back in February.

While I'm certainly glad these moron is off the streets, I'm discouraged that it took 2 months to find him and even MORE discouraged to realize that this one arrest hardly makes our streets safe. Since the incident in February there have been a 2 or 3 other shooting incidents including one that left a Flint neighborhood resident dead.

"What's with the picture", you ask? Well while all of this was going on I spent my days off painting, which considering how long it took me to get around to it, is almost news worthy in itself.

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