Friday, March 03, 2006

Southcoast out of Commission

You have to wonder if anyone up at the State House has any clue where Fall River, New Bedford, Westport and the other cities and towns that make up this region are

The state has established a new Coastal Hazards Management Commission, which is supposed to identify the problems and needs of our coastal areas and set up guidelines and long term strategies.

Amazingly, this commission does not include one single representative from southeastern Massachusetts, this despite the several southeastern cities and towns having expansive coastlines.

The Herald News quoted a spokesperson for Executive Office of Environmental affairs who claims it would have been tough to get a representative from each city and town but considering the importance of this area's coastlines: Fall River is of the state's deep water ports, New Bedford's economy is still strong tied to the coast, both in fishing and in its whaling history, and of course the mention of Westport instantly brings to mind Horseneck Beach.
It's a given that each and every coastal city and town can't have a representative but to ignore a whole region that's just inexcusable.

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