Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Would You Like Fries With That?

Events following an early morning shooting at the McDonald's on Plymouth Ave. Continue to unfold.

The Fall River Herald News reports that the incident took place early Sunday morning (2/19/06) at the drive thru when an apparent dispute between individuals in two cars turned violent. Angel Peralta, 22 is believed to have shot and wounded three individuals a warrant has been sworn out for his arrest.

On Tuesday, the Herald News was reporting that police has arrested Antero M. Pontes, 17, and Adam C. Woods, 19. At that time they were still looking for Angel Peralta and a 16-year-old Fall River male. The police also stated that detectives have learned the juvenile and Peralta are associated with the Mafioso street gang.

As of today police continue to search for Peralta and the 16-year-old male, and an uneasy city waits for their arrest. The Herald News reports that Pontes and Wood were arraigned on multiple charges on Tuesday and both were ordered detained on $150,000 cash bail. Meanwhile the victims of this senseless violence continue to recover but one is still considered in serious condition.

It seems ridiculous that someone would shoot someone else over two cars bumping in a drive-thru line, absurd when the shooter was in the car that did the bumping! There are no excuses. The brother of Antero Pontes said his brother is no punk, and not a member of any gang. Pontes former girlfriend says he just started hanging out with the wrong crowd. He should be given credit for turning himself in, but where was his good judgment when he met up with this 'wrong crowd'? It seems that all the hard work this city has done to reduce gang related violence and to make the people of Fall River feel safe and secure in their city has been erased by the senseless act of a 22 year-old. The callers on the local AM station rant over the shortcoming of the police department, others on this is why they left Fall River. I laughed when one caller said there was never any violent crime in Fall River until about 8 years ago! Apparently the Borden murders don't qualify as violent. This same caller said she graduated from high school in 1982 and there was nothing like this back then, the fact that there were a series of murders in the city just a few years before escapes her memory.

Fall River faces the same issues with crime and violent crime as every other urban city and sadly there is no fool-proof way to stop it. However, it seems foolish to think that packing your bags and moving to another community is the answer, or that it won't eventually follow you. Instead of giving up or moving out we need to be ever more vigilant and learn what things we can do to make our of neighborhoods safer, educate our children better, and show that Fall River is our city and we are willing to fight to keep it a great place to live.

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Roger Williams said...

It would be a shame to see more of this in Fall River, since there is nothing - absolutely nothing! - that will torpedo a city's renaissance like a few shootings.