Wednesday, February 15, 2006

"Obviously, I oppose bringing LNG into Weaver’s Cove."

The Herald News reports that while visiting Fall River to announce that PrimaCARE P.C. was receiving a grant, Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey met with Mayor Lambert to discuss the latest change in the Weaver's Cover proposal.

Weaver's Cove has announced that it will use smaller tankers to travel through the Brightman St. Bridge. The move came after Rep. Jim McGovern introduced Legislation in Federal Transportation Bill that was designed to stop the old bridge from being demolished. The opening of the Brightman St. Bridge is too narrow to accommodate the width of an LNG supertanker.

Mayor Lambert is asking for the Lt. Governor's assistance in forcing Weaver's Cove to start the approval process. It is the Mayor's contention that the use of smaller tankers is such a drastic change from the original proposal that Weaver's Cove needs to start the process from square one.

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