Friday, February 17, 2006

A Little Local Flavor

Thursday mornings for me are pretty much like any other weekday morning with one difference, it's Spirit day. Oh, I'm not referring to school spirit or team spirit; I'm referring to the Fall River Spirit.

The Fall River Spirit is a free weekly paper. Its scope is community events and happenings, the so-called 'soft' news. I like to think of it as the paper that covers all the little stories that deserve to be covered but somehow get lost in the shuffle. It can be a fun read and it's editor, Rick Snizek is a great guy.

This week the Spirit's front-page article is about the Frosty Beverage Company. The Frosty Beverage Company sits in plain unassuming building at 548 Quarry St. It's a tiny building and you could easily drive past it and not realize that it houses Fall River's last independent soda bottler.

The soda is made on the premises with real cane sugar, (Something the big companies gave up years ago to save money.) comes in sterilized vintage glass bottles and is offered in more than a dozen flavors. A dozen 28oz. bottles can be had for 4 dollars plus 1 dollar for a bottle deposit. The bottles are almost a story in themselves. With too few customers returning their empties and with the cost for new bottles exceedingly expensive Frosty Beverage has turned to buying bottles from companies that have closed or the overstock from the few remaining companies. The result is a case of Frosty soda is a montage of etched logos from soda bottlers past and present and gazing at them is a little bit like looking at postcards from a time gone by.

It has been several years since I made that purposeful trip for a little bit of Nostalgia and I seem to remember thinking it was just a little to sweet. However, companies like Frosty Beverage are a dying breed. Someday it too will be a memory, part of Fall River's past, but before that happens I think I'm going to head on down to Quarry St. for a little bit of that local flavor.

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Roger Williams said...

If they have birch beer, I'll buy a case - absolutely.