Friday, February 10, 2006

"It is, at once, both our charm and our strength"

Mayor Edward M. Lambert delivered his State of the City Address this past Tuesday (2/7/06). His speech focused on several topics, the continued focus on education and the building of new schools, bringing new jobs to Fall River and retaining its old ones, and of course the fight against citing an LNG facility here in Fall River.

The Mayor stated that "Fall River is a family of 92,000 people; big enough to be a city, but intimate enough so that everyone knows each other once or twice removed. It is, at once, both our charm and our strength.

The transcript of Mayor Lambert's speech is available at the city's website.

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Roger Williams said...

All fairly typical stuff from Massachusetts big city mayors, but Lambert adds a unique disco note: We Are Family! I went back and made sure I was reading this right: We Are Family? Apparently so.

So, is the We'll Try city really family?